Tailor Communication for your School


Select your preferred group of students, teachers and parents for specific discussions and updates.


Provide personal guidance to any student or converse with a specific parent by directly messaging them.


Using tags, organise all your school contacts and create tailored Channels and Announcements in seconds.

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Ensure Updates are Relevant and On Time

Fast & Easy

Make crucial Announcements in seconds to the entire school with ease.

Relevant & Specific

Select specific recipients with Tags to make updates more relevant and specific, with detailed viewer analysis for every Announcement.

Scheduled Updates

Reduce update clutter by scheduling announcements ahead of time. Archive unnecesary announcements for easier search and navigation.

Manage your School at your Convenience


Find and contact any student, parent, teacher and staff on the app, with all important details.


Access your Campus app on your phone or on a desktop browser, using just an internet connection.

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Bridging Gaps through Education

About Campus

Founded in 2021, we had one goal in mind – to improve the quality of education. The pandemic made it clear how technology is still under-utilised in the education space. So, we made it our mission to use innovative methods to bridge the gaps and improve how we educate the future generation.

Our Mission


Improve Communication

Equip institutes with communication platforms, to allow students, families and school stay in touch more effectively.


Efficient Information Management

Improve management of information and schedules within each institute, to make it more secure, easy-to-understand and flexible.

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